K Bell Mens Extended Size Socks


K Bell is an adventurous company that shows the way for many Sock manufacturers. I am grateful to them for listening to their retailers and making Socks to fit the 15% of Men who cannot wear regular size socks, Size 10 - 13. These Men did not want to be limited to just simple plain colors from the same Manufacturer.  So what did K Bell do?


K Bell looked to their best-selling sock designs and decided to make them to fit an Extended Size Foot. Another way of saying it, K Bell made X-Large Socks for Men! The Size of the Socks for these Men is Size 13 – 15. These socks fit Shoe Sizes from 12 – 16.

Which Socks of K Bells are made especially for Extended Size (X-Large Size) they are



K Bell Beer Pong Socks in Black



K Bell Jigsaw Puzzle for Men in Black


K Bell Shark in Slate Blue




K Bell Camouflage for Men  in Olive




American Flag in Red, White & Blue (not shown)