About us

Socks by My Foot Fetish is Rated E for Everyone!! It is quality e-commerce website offering secure online ordering. I stand behind My products, to offer you quality, and security.

Socks by My Foot Fetish is a little Crazy, G Rated for General Funky, and I would say Wild for Patterns and Wildlife.  I will do my best to find Unique and Brightly Colored and the most comfortable and Cozy Socks and other items for you to buy.

I have had a sock fetish since I can remember. Fetish: synonyms: fancy or fad. I still have toe socks my mother purchased for me when I was in high school. OK, folks that was in the 1970's. In the late 1990's my mother bought me a pair of Cat Socks that started me on this path. I learned the name of the manufacturer and tried to find them. When the first computer came to me I was able to do research online and finally found For Bare Feet.

I opened Socks by My Foot Fetish online in 2011. I have had the most wonderful time working on my Store to make it Fun for my Customers to purchase Products from me. I am a “Research Nerd” and if I can give you a Quick bunch of information on a Sock I will do my best to get that information correct and if I make a mistake please let me know! You may learn about Crash Test Dummies or about your most favorite Breed of Dog.  If you do not want that information go to the second paragraph that explains the sock!

For Bare Feet was the first company I purchased Socks from to sell to my customers. From then on I found more amazing sock designers and manufacturers to add to my store. I also found wonderful designers of Gloves, Fingerless Gloves and Scarves. As I explored the market I have found other Unique items and added them too.

Along with socks and hosiery for your feet and gloves for your hands, I believe in taking good care of them. I want everyone to know how to care for your tired and overworked feet. Along with feet we need to take care of our toes and ankles and our calves. Our hands, fingers and wrists need attention too. (As I look down at myself and up to my hairline, a whole lot of me need attention!) As I keep building and editing Socks by My Foot Fetish I will carry health ideas from accredited sites on the care of your Feet and Hands and parts in-between. I will also find some of my favorite lotions and tools for making them feel better. This information will be on my blog.

So my first wish is for you to find fun in my socks and joy in wearing whatever brand, style or material that makes a sock feel right to you. My second wish is this site comes with lots of extras for the shopper, for you to feel comfortable here. That should include, Security online, Use of Credit Cards and PayPal if needed. You will receive timely notifications in regards to your purchases and shipments. You will also have direct contact though to me through blogging and telling me what you like or dislike and what styles you wish me to find. You will also have a direct phone line to me for ordering and let's face it for some problems in orders. I will try my best for you my customers at all times.