How do we know what size will fit our feet?

Sizes vary from sock company to sock company but for the most part you can look at our Size Chart For Socks. This page has sizes for all the companies we sell. For Size Chart for Children Socks alone this is a good chart to go by from For Bare Feet. We will also let you know various other size information from other sock companies.

Depending on how old the link was the sock that was in your favorites may be sold out and discontinued by the manufacturer who made the sock. If you are looking for a certain Sock you may call me at 415-747-8350 after 10 AM Pacific Time for help. Some Socks I have changed their names by adding the manufacturer to them or the word Sock. Example: Retro Dogs, will now look like FBF Retro Dogs Sock. Then others I have grouped together like all the Hair Bling on one Page. Most of those have had their links changed. If I missed some I am sorry for the inconvenience.  

How do you take care of your socks?
Check our Size Chart For Socks/Care Instructions for each brand of sock we carry. Also on the sock label will be care instructions once you get them home. The link will have The Soap and Detergent Associations Guide to Fabric Care Symbols.

What is your return policy?
If there is a problem with your order please contact us within 24 hours by telephone 415-747-8350 or by email at socksbymyfootfetist@comcast.com.  If products are intimate apparel they are not returnable if opened. These are right now Pantyhose. 

Items purchased that labels and tags are still located in the correct places and have not been tried on are good for returns. If you have tried them on they can be returned for a store credit. Items that have been worn and washed are yours to keep. 

Items purchased from Sales Collection are Final and are not returnable

What about sales tax?
We only collect sales tax for the state of California. When you put in your zip code if you live in the state of California we will know how much to collect.  The general tax rate for California is 7.50%, if for any reason the system does not pick up tax for you in the state of California, you are still responsible to pay it.  If for any other reason the system does not pick up enough tax for your area you are still responisble to pay for the tax increase.  We try our best to keep ahead of changes for you.