K Bell The Finger Sock

Product Description

Ladies and Gentlemen May I have your attention Please? This sock is to be worn when you are flat out crazed and NOTHING is going your way.  You can put everything behind you because as you are walking away you are using that "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award" on whoever it was that got you *&&%%&***(####&*+*&^$% !!!   Lift your jeans and or pants as you walk away or just think it to yourself!  This is a Crazy, Funky and Wild sock that has a hand with sign language in taupe on a black background. Please Ladies and Gentlemen have fun with this sock! (Even my mom does!)

To add to one of our favorite Socks this year I am glad to let you know It Comes IN A NEW COLOR! Fuchsia! Plus the hand looks a little more Feminine.. 

Womens Sock Size 
Shoe Size 4-10
US:  9-11
EUR:  36-40

K. Bell For Men  

K Bell For Men Extended Size = Mens X-Large

Mens X-Large Sock also has Arch Compression For a Supportive Fit
Shoe Size 12-16
Sock Size 13-15

K. Bell For Men
Shoe Size 6.5 - 12
US Sock Size 10-13
EUR Sock Size 44-48

It comes in size Medium and Large and X- Large.  Check out our size chart if you need help. 
Made In Korea
60% Cotton
38% Polyester 
  2% Spandex

$ 8.00

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