K Bell Camouflage Sock for Men

Product Description
Camouflage has been around since man started to hunt. We learned from nature how to hide and dress like what we hunted. We also learned to use countershading and light to change our appearance. Camouflage is used to hide buildings making an airplane hanger look like a bunch of houses or a tank look like a truck. In clothing there are many prints for different areas of the world. There are desert patterns, in the snow they may wear all White or a variation of White with rock and tree colors. Woodlands is a common one worn in service and by hunters. Realtree makes many patterns for hunters, I have many hanging in my closets!

K Bells Camouflage Sock for Men is a typical woodlands pattern of colors that are Olive, Black, Tan, and Brown Nose. The Cuffs, Heels and Toes are Olive. This is a Thin Style Sock and is made with a Cozy Cotton Blend with new design modifications like Arch Support. This Sock comes in Sizes Large and now X-Large!

K. Bell For Men
Shoe Size 6.5 - 12
US Sock Size 10-13
EUR Sock Size 44-48

K Bell For Men Extended Size = X-Large
Shoe Size 12-16
Sock Size 13-15

Made in Korea 
62% Pima Cotton
27% Nylon
05% Polyester
05% Rubber
01% Spandex
Machine Wash Cold,  With Like Colors, Gentle Cycle
Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed 
Tumble Dry Low
$ 12.00

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