New Store New Products Great Sales

New Store New Products Great Sales

I have been busy working on this new store with my customers in mind. I wanted you to have better pictures of the products. Some you can see right up to the weave of the item. I have also been hunting at the markets for new selections of socks, gloves and scarves which I hope you will fall in love with as I have.

Many of the products from the other store are gone and have been discontinued. Some are even my favorites! Others are being discontinued but I still have a few left. Those are on wonderful sales!

As I move forward this Store Front has more ways to contact and be interactive with you. Even the Blogging is better! The online receipts and shipping messages will be more timely.  You will also know when items are out of stock and whether you can place a back order.

I hope as my continuing customers you enjoy the change over. Please let me know if I have um messed something up!  I did this all myself. I did not want anyone sharing your information so forgive me if I have cut and pasted something wrong on your information or on your favorite items. I may have pasted the cart before the horse somewhere!

I am still the "research nerd" of Socks so if you are short on time, remember to go to the second paragraph to find out the information on the sock itself. If I have given any science or history facts or witticism it will most of the time be in the first paragraph.


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