Wheel House Designs Bear Climbing on Stone Sock

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In North American the Black Bear has the largest range of our 3 Bears. Also the Black Bear is more docile around humans. That does not mean you play with them. Their numbers are growing and we are always getting into their habitats.  Do not be stealthy in the woods if you are hiking. Being Loud helps the Black Bear move away from you. If you meet up with a Bear never run, they will over take you at 30 - 35 mph.  If you have Bear Pepper Spray use this first.  A tree is a regular hang out for a bear, they rest and sleep in them. Don't climb a tree to get away from a bear.  Look larger than you are and yell at them in a loud even moderate pitch, "Get out of here Bear!"  Never turn your back on the Bear walk backwards away from the Bear. If the Bear charges you hit it with anything you have or can find in its face, soft areas. If the Bear still comes after you lace your fingers together protect your neck. Lay flat on the ground with elbows and legs out so the Bear cannot turn you over. Stay there not moving for at least 30 minutes after you think the Bear has left. 

Wheel House Designs Bear Climbing on Stone Sock has a Conifer Tree Trunk from the Cuff to the Toes. It is Rufous and Bole Brown in Colors. There are Three Bears Climbing this Tree Trunk and they are Black Bears. Perhaps they are having a race up the tree. They are Black with Rufous Details and Cream for their Snouts . The one sitting in the Tree Branch looks comfortable there! This Socks has a Mommy and Daddy and Me Sock for fun times by purchasing the Wheel House Designs Bear Climbing for Children Sock.



$ 11.95

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