Wheel House Designs Bear Climbing for Children Sock

Product Description

If you think climbing up a tree is a good idea to escape a bear, think again! Bears love to climb trees especially if they get something out of it. Black Bears are mostly found in the Untied States even though their coloring can be Brown. The real Brown Bear is the Grizzly Bear which is bigger in size and has smaller Ears than the Black Bear.and also has a hump at the back of his neck.The Black Bear has the biggest range in North America. They have long claws that help them get into and stay in Trees. Tree climbing is an excellent way for them to search for food, and to keep away from other predators that want to eat them. In trees they rest in and also sleep  Downed trees they use those claws to find food such as termites. 

Wheel House Designs Bear Climbing for Children Sock starts on a Stone background. From Toe to Cuff is a portion of a Conifer Tree Rufous color and Bole. Three Black Bears are in the Tree one is on a handy branch for him to sit on. The one on top is looking down and maybe thinking why didn't I stop there? The Third is on the other side wondering what the other two are doing. The Three Bears are Black with Rufous detailing and a Cream Snout. If you love the Children's Sock check out the Wheel House Designs Bear Climbing for Adults!

Wheel House Designs Childrens Socks
Childrens Sizing
Sock Size 6-8 ½
Shoe Size 6-1
Age 4-6 years

Made in the USA
75% Cotton
20% Nylon
05% Spandex

Washing Instructions
Machine Wash, Warm Water
Dry at Low to Medium Setting

$ 9.50

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