K Bell Hedgehog Friends Knee High Socks

Product Description

There are about 17 different types of Hedgehogs. They come from Europe, Africa and Asia. They have also been introduced into New Zealand. The name came from these mammals working through Hedges for food and making noises like a hog. They root for insects, worms and small frogs, mice and snakes. Hedgehog spines do not come out and are used to protect them from predators. They roll themselves up into balls, this is also how they sleep. In cold areas they will hibernate. They are nocturnal animals so they sleep in the daytime. Hedgehogs only get together to mate. They have litters in sizes from 1 to 11. Mothers have to be very diligent because even male Hedgehogs will eat the young. For Pets it appears that the African Hedgehog is considered the best. In the USA many states do not allow the keeping of Hedgehogs as pets because they are non native animals and may become pests and endanger our wildlife.

K Bell Hedgehog Friends Knee High Socks start on a Grey Heather background. In various Poses are Hedgehogs some are following each other in one row, another row has them Red Nose to Red Nose with a Red Heart above them. The next row shows the Hedgehogs on their backs showing their soft tummy in Sandy Brown. Another row shows them running around the sock again. The next Row has them sitting Up looking around. The Last row is the Hedgehogs in a Ball with Blue Z z z after it Then the rows begin to repeat. All the Hedgehogs are the same colors. The Face is Sandy Brown with Black Eyes and Red Nose. The spines start with Chamoisee, Seal Brown and Bistre.

To Learn about Hedgehogs as Pets see The International Hedgehog Association

Womens Sock Size

Shoe Size 4-10

US:  9-11

EUR:  36-40

Made in Korea

60% Cotton

20% Nylon

17%  Polyester

03%  Spandex

Machine Wash Cold,  With Like Colors, Gentle Cycle

Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed

Tumble Dry Low

$ 11.00

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