JoJo Tall Three Bits Socks

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Tall Three Bits is a kind of miss count here but I am okay with it, if you are!  Three Bits Down and One Across!  I feel like I am playing Tic Tac Toe (HUM, wonders if anyone made a sock of that?)  Okay so we have Three Bits of White intertwined with Black almost takes on a Silver color! This Tall sock is 12" long Knee Hi and has a Form Fitting Calf that is great in a boot, a riding boot or any other kind for that matter.

This sock comes in two sizes:
ML  Womens Shoe Size 8.5-11.5
SM   Womens Shoe Size 5-8

Made in the USA
80% Nylon
18% Polyester
02% Elastic Spandex
$ 7.50 $ 20.00

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