Kurb Medusa Sock

Product Description

Medusa got a very raw deal. I favor the myth that she was turned into the monster by a jealous goddess and that Medusa was a tad vain which did not help her cause. Deadly Snakes were said to drop off her head and populate Africa. As she travelled back to her sisters she also turned unfortunates into stone. This ability continued even when Perseus sliced her head off her neck. Medusa still lives on by being on shields. One for Athena herself, and one said to be missing by Leonardo da Vinci. 

Kurb Medusa Sock starts with Greek Key at the top then Eyes in Prisms. Prisms that make the Rainbows that run vertical to the bottom of another Eye. This one above it has a symbol of Waves. In the middle is the Medusa Shield with her Green Snakes curling about her head. Swords are crossed behind the shield in Brown and Black. Mayhap the eyes are those of Medusa and Poseidon .

This is a Large Sock with Cushion throughout the leg and arch compression.

Large Mens Shoe Size 9-12

Made in China 

98% Polyester, 02% Spandex

Machine Wash cold with like colors, Use Non-Chlorine Bleach only when needed, Tumble Dry, Low.


$ 13.00

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