FBF Butterfly Mismatch Novelty Sock

Product Description
Sold Out and Discontinued!

or Bare Feet makes Butterfly Mismatch Novelty Sock a Wild and Unique experience to wear. The first sock starts with a Bright White background with Skobeloff (tad different than Teal) for the Cuff, Heel and Toes. All the Butterflies are open graphics.The first Butterfly is a large Maroon one, then comes a small Tea Rose Pink. The next 3 are a large Atomic Tangerine, a small Avocado Green and above the Heel a large Skobeloff. Below the Heel is a small Maroon Butterfly, then a large Tea Rose Pink, next is a small Atomic Tangerine and last by the Toes is a Large Avocado Butterfly. The second Mismatched Sock is made of Horizontal Rows in the same colors. The Cuff, Heel and Toes are again Skobeloff.  The Rows start with Avocado, then Skobeloff, Maroon, Tea Rose Pink and Atomic Tangerine and then repeat all the way down the Sock. Below the Cuff is a lone Butterfly overlaid in Avocado. Then another Butterfly is overlaid at the Toes in Atomic Tangerine.
This Sock comes in size Medium. Made with a Cozy Acrylic Blend.

Made in the USA
76% Acrylic 
21% Stretch Nylon
02% Spandex
01% Rubber
Elastic: Nylon, Latex Rubber
Acrylic has a built in moisture management system in which the fiber wicks perspiration and moisture away, helping keep feet healthy and dry.
Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash:  Cold Water wash
No Chlorine Bleach 
Tumble Dry:  Dry Low
No Iron 
$ 10.00

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