Wright Avenue Mens Tuxedo Sock

Product Description

The true beginning of the Mens Tuxedo is still a blur as far a pinning it down to a person who actually made the first one. However, that never stops people from looking. Most give credit first to Edward VII while he was still Prince of Wales and the English called it a Dinner Jacket designed off a British Naval Mess Coat. Americans who came over went to Harry Poole & Co. and purchased them here. Then scandalized the American Shores at Tuxedo Park, Orange County, New York. The Tuxedo is actually named for the Lake at the Resort! 

Wright Avenue Mens Tuxedo Sock starts on a Black background. Then you have a White Pleated Shirt with Black Studs and a Red Bow Tie. A Red Rose sits in the Pocket. White piping surrounds the Jacket Collar and bottom.

This is a Thin Style Sock and Size Large

Fits Men Shoe Size: 8 - 13  Womens Shoe Size 10 - 12

Made in the USA 

75% Pima Cotton 

19% Nylon

04% Polyester 

02% Spandex

Machine Wash Warm, Gentle Cycle 

No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low Temp



$ 10.50

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