Wright Avenue Mens Super Hero Sock

Product Description

Everyone needs a Super Hero! Whether in History or Fiction or in Real Time, heroes are amongst us. Your Hero can be someone you know. like your Dad or your Mom. A Fireman or Policeman can be your Hero. A regular person who does something for another person without thinking of the consequences. like pulling you out of a burning car after an accident. That person could be your Super Hero!

Wright Avenue Mens Super Hero Sock fits more on the line of fiction. A Funky and Crazy Sock of Batman and Robin comic book proportions. Maybe Superman and Aquaman. In print and in animation. The Sock starts on a Navy Blue background (which is a tad darker than the photo) The Cuff is a Bright Gold (darker than shown). The Heels and Toes are Oxford Blue. In the Middle of the Navy are the Action Bubbles in Bright Colors of Red, Bright Gold and Teal. The words inside are Bold Black and White. Some Say, "Splat!" and "Zap!!" and maybe a few more!


This Sock is a Thin Style and comes in One Size Large.

Fits Men Shoe Size: 8 - 13  Womens Shoe Size 10 - 12

Made in the USA 

54% Pima Cotton 

22% Nylon

17% Cotton

05% Polyester 

02% Spandex

Machine Wash Warm, Gentle Cycle 

No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low Temp

$ 10.50

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