Wright Avenue Mens Couch Potato Sock

Product Description

"The Couch Potato" in Urban Dictionary and Google states a person who spends little or no time exercising and a great deal of time watching television. Urban Dictionary also uses the term "Lazy" but I do not like that one. However, they do add "Sofa Spud" which is cute. Let it be known that many "Couch Potatoes" work very hard during the rest of the time and they are allowed to Potato or Spud out! I am a multitasking Potato I watch and listen to TV and I read at the same time. I am also a chest pillow for my cat!

Wright Avenue Mens Couch Potato Sock is for the humor in all of us. Whether or not we are complete Couch Potatoes or not does not matter. You can be a Couch Potato unless you do not own a TV or a Monitor, Laptop. Ipad, Telephone (let's be real you don't need a TV any more) you can be one. Even this Potato doesn't even show a TV!  The Spud is just kicking back in some White Shoes. The Sock is Medium Grey with Dark Red Cuffs, Heels and Toes. The Couch is all over the Sock in Dark Brown. The Potato is Light Brown with Brown eyes. He has Legs and Arms. In Bold Red print are the words, "Couch Potato"


This is a Thin Style Sock and Size Large

Fits Men Shoe Size: 8 - 13  Womens Shoe Size 10 - 12

Made in the USA 

67% Pima Cotton 

21% Nylon

06% Cotton

04% Polyester 

02% Spandex

Machine Wash Warm, Gentle Cycle 

No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low Temp




$ 10.50

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