Wright Avenue Mens Chess Sock

Product Description

The game of Chess has a long history. 6th Century in India, moved through Persia then to Russia and the Moors took it to Spain. By the year 1000 it was known all over Europe. By the 15th Century Chess was being played and changes to the game were being made. Chess has had its problems while being played in the world. It has been banned since at least 1061 for religious reasons in France, Poland, Russia and now in Islamic countries. (It seems Math and learning Strategy are bad)

Wright Avenue Mens Chess Sock starts on a Black and White Checkered Board. The Cuffs, Heels and Toes are Black. The pieces are also in Black and White. There are many pieces and I am not going to say them all. (Surprise!) You may see a Rook and a Knight but what else is there?

This is a Thin Style Sock and Size Large

Fits Men Shoe Size: 8 - 13  Womens Shoe Size 10 - 12

Made in the USA 

77% Pima Cotton 

13% Nylon

04% Cotton

04% Polyester 

02% Spandex

Machine Wash Warm, Gentle Cycle 

No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low Temp


$ 10.50

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