Wright Avenue Mens Boxer Sock

Product Description

The Kangaroo does appear to box when it is fighting another. If another male approaches and a fight begins the two will use their smaller legs, (arms) to hold the other at bay so the back feet can kick them away or tear and cut them open. The Boxing Kangaroo became a symbol for Australia and is used at many games. The Boxing Kangaroo was also placed on airplanes from Australia in World War II.

Wright Avenue Mens Boxer Sock starts on an Olive background. The Kangaroos are Khaki and outlined in Brown. Their Eyes, Ears and Nose are Black. The Boxing Gloves are Red.

This Sock is a Thin Style and comes in One Size Large.

Fits Men Shoe Size: 8 - 13  Womens Shoe Size 10 - 12

Made in the USA 

75% Pima Cotton 

19% Nylon

04% Polyester 

02% Spandex

Machine Wash Warm, Gentle Cycle 

No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low Temp


$ 10.50

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