Wheel House Designs Songbirds for Children Sock

Product Description

The Northern Mockingbird sings about 10 to 15 songs of other birds from around they area in which they are living. They sing all the time even at night.Mockingbirds can be a very territorial bird that will take on others defending their space especially when nesting. The Cardinal male is the bright Red and Black Songbird and it loves Sunflower Seeds. If you have Cardinals in your area put Sunflower seeds out and they will not be far behind. The American Goldfinch hangs around the feeder on top or likes to eat seeds that are kicked out of the feeder on the ground. With these three songbirds your fountain will be a wonderful place to watch and listen to birds.

Wheel House Designs Songbirds for Children Sock is on a background of Natural. Under the Cuff is a Red Cardinal on a Grey Branch. Below the Cardinal is the American Goldfinch in Gold and Black with some White. It rests on a Grey Branch. Inside the Birdbath are Two Mockingbirds taking turns drinking and bathing.The Birdbath is a Grey Pedestal with a round bowl for the bath. This Songbirds for Children Sock has a similar pattern to the Adult Sock called Wheel House Designs Songbirds on Mint Sock. Not quite a perfect match but still kudos for Mommy/Daddy matching theme.

Wheel House Designs Childrens Socks
Childrens Sizing
Sock Size 6-8 ½
Shoe Size 6-1
Age 4-6 years

Made in the USA
75% Cotton
20% Nylon
05% Spandex

Washing Instructions
Machine Wash, Warm Water
Dry at Low to Medium Setting



$ 9.50

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