Wheel House Designs Day of the Dead Sock

Product Description

The Day of the Dead and the Catholic Religion intertwine on October 31, November 1, and November 2. All Souls and All Saints Day run into Halloween and the Day of the Dead that covers the Angelitos (Children) is November 1 and the Adults come on November 2. It is a way for the whole community to share in the loss of loved ones. Offerings are made to feed the spirits who travelled such a long way. Sugar Skulls are part of that tradition. Friars taught the people how to make Sugar Offerings such as Sugar Skulls and Angels.

Wheel House Designs Day of the Dead Sock gives a sense of how Sugar Skulls are Designed for these 2 Days in November. Each one is hand made and decorated (at least still in some homes). They are designed with White Sugar and Colors are added by stones and food coloring. The Art work comes in Reds, Yellows, Greens, Black, Lavender, Blues and Oranges. 

Size Medium

Adult Shoe 6-8 1/2 Sock Size 9-11


Size Large

Adult Shoe 9-12 Sock Size 10-13

Wheel House Day of the Dead Sock comes in two sizes, Medium and Large. This allows for an Extended Size Sock for Women who may need it and for Men to have their own Day of the Dead Socks. This Sock is made with a Cozy Cotton Blend and is a Thin Style.


Made in USA

75% Cotton

20% Nylon

05% Spandex


Washing Instructions:

Machine Wash, warm water,

Dry at low to medium setting.

$ 11.95

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