Wheel House Designs Chesapeake Bay Retriever Sock

Product Description
The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is the official state Dog of Maryland. It is a very strong dog and stands about 26” high. Which is not all that big but with his large muscles and great amount of hair with an oily coat and good amount of fat to keep him warm in cold water he looks to be a dog of substance. The breed was started by breeding two Newfoundlands with other retrievers like the English-Otter Hound, Flat Coat and Curly Coat Retrievers.  It was developed to work hard on land and in icy waters of the area by retrieving huge amounts of ducks. Coats are called, “dead grass”, brown or sedge.  It is part of the Sporting Group and AKC recognized the breed in 1878. As of 2015 AKC shows it in the top 50 breeds at #42.
Wheel House Designs makes this Chesapeake Bay Retriever Sock on a background of Grey.  Large diamonds are made with Black lines over the Sock.  Below the Cuff in Bold Black is “Chesapeake Bay Retriever”.  On each side of the Sock you have a profile of the “Chesapeake” In Sedge with Golden eyes and Black outlines a dog ready for work. On the other side you find it with a smile on its face a Rose tongue out and ears up, ready to play. The next scenes down you see a Chesapeake running and one standing. The next row you find it walking. The bottom row at the toes you find a “Dead Grass” colored Chesapeake sitting with Tan outlines and Black Eyes and one lying down. 
Medium and Large Sizes are now both in Stock!
Size Medium 
Adult Shoe 6-8 1/2 Sock Size 9-11

Size Large
Adult Shoe 9-12 Sock Size 10-13

Made in USA
75%  Cotton
20%  Nylon
05%  Spandex

Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash, warm water,
Dry at low to medium setting.
$ 11.95