Wheel House Designs Cheese Mouse Children Sock

Product Description
Wheel House Designs Cheese Mouse Children Sock starts with a Bright White background. Under the Cuff you meet the First Cheese Mouse. He is one laid back Mouse eating a piece of Yellow Cheese. Medium Grey with Black outlines, Whiskers and Tail. The next Cheese Mouse (not showing) is gnawing with Big White Teeth more cheese and you see his Big Pink Ears. Below these guys is a big wedge of Yellow Cheese with Pumpkin colored partial Circles showing holes. At the Toes you find another Mouse eating his way through the Cheese. In Medium Grey and Black Tail and outlines all you really see is his behind. This sock has a Matching Adult Cheese Mouse Sock. Size Charts are Here

Wheel House Designs Childrens Socks
Childrens Sizing
Sock Size 6-8 ½
Shoe Size 6-1
Age 4-6 years

Made in the USA
75% Cotton
20% Nylon
05% Spandex

Washing Instructions
Machine Wash, Warm Water
Dry at Low to Medium Setting

$ 9.50

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