Wheel House Designs Bull Terrier Sock

Product Description
The Bull Terrier was included into the AKC in 1885. At this time they #55 on the 2015 Most Popular Breed List from the AKC. They are said to be friendly with kids and other pets, they are a medium size dog with high energy. They are a healthy breed and easy to clean. They do not like to be left alone and want to be part of the family.

The Wheel House Designs Bull Terrier Sock starts with a Grey background with Black Argyle Lines making Diamonds. Then below the Cuff in Bold Black letters reads, "Bull Terrier". Below this are two different Profiles of a Bull Terrier.  The Front View shows the Bull Terrier's strong facial features with outlines in Light Grey. The Nose is Black and Brown as well as the Eyes. The Ears are White, Dark Rose and Black. The Profile shows a Bull Terrier almost all White with Black Nose and Eyes, Grey outlines and a Dark Rose, Grey and Black Ear. The poses below the profiles are of mostly White Bull Terriers, Black and White Bull Terriers and one in a Brindle. They look alert and happy.

Size Medium 
Adult Shoe 6-8 1/2 Sock Size 9-11

Size Large
Adult Shoe 9-12 Sock Size 10-13

Wheel House Designs Bull Terrier Sock comes in two sizes, Medium and Large. This allows for an Extended Size Sock for Women who may need it and for Men to have their own Bull Terrier Dog Socks. This Sock is made with a Cozy Cotton Blend and is a Thin Style. 

Made in USA
75%  Cotton
20%  Nylon
05%  Spandex
$ 11.95