Wheel House Design Morning Glories Sock

Product Description

Morning Glories are annuals that grow very well and long in full sun. They grow from early summer to first frost and are likely to self seed. The Trumpet flowers come in Purple and Blue, Pink and Red, and White. They are also fragrant and bring in Hummingbirds and Butterflies

Wheel House Design Morning Glories Sock starts out on a Mint Green background. The Morning Glories run from right under the Cuff to the Toe. It is a Green Vine with Green Leaves. The Morning Glories are Purple with Black to separate Leaves. The inner Flower is Grey, White and Yellow.

Size Medium

Adult Shoe 6-8 1/2 Sock Size 9-11


Size Large

Adult Shoe 9-12 Sock Size 10-13

Wheel House Design Morning Glories comes in two sizes, Medium and Large. This allows for an Extended Size Sock for Women who may need it and for Men to have their own Flower Socks. This Sock is made with a Cozy Cotton Blend and is a Thin Style.

Ultra-Light Weight = LW


Made in the USA

(Stretch Cotton)

75% Cotton

20% Nylon

05% Spandex


Washing Instructions:

Machine Wash, warm water,

Dry at low to medium setting.

$ 11.95

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