Solid Colored Sleep Masks

Product Description
Solid Colored Sleep Masks are so soft you just want to melt away into sleep or meditation. When I first put one of these on at the Market I just wanted to stop. I could have spent all day under this Sleep Mask (Eye Mask). One thing extra in them was a packet of Fresh Lavender. (This packet can be removed for those who do not like Lavender or when the mask needs to be washed.)
It felt so cozy, it turned off the lights and it did not push down on my eyelids.  The head band has a lot of stretch to give so many people can use this. What I also liked about these Sleep Masks is that they have no lace or frills to get in the way of sleeping or relaxing. So what I am saying is: This Product is great for Men and Women!.

Hand Wash Drip Dry
Blue Sapphire
$ 15.75 $ 21.00

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