Red Lion Puzzle Sports Sock

Product Description
For those of you who deal with Autism yourself or with family members it is a love hate struggle. You love yourself or the child and you hate some of the symptoms that Autism has produced in your child or in yourself. All in all you cannot seperate the two so you find yourself loving the whole. That is what I do with my two sons. 

The puzzle pieces tell us that No One knows what causes Autism or why it comes with so many different things in each child. Some may be sensitive to touch or smells or light. Others are not. Some are introverts and some are extroverts but both don't know how to approach people. Autism does not stop at race but does effect boys more often but girls have Autism too.
Whether you buy this sock from my store or another please buy one or more! Red Lion gives a percentage of their profits to Autism Research. I give a portion of my profits to a school in Marin County, CA. when this sock is purchased.

On a background of Bright White are Puzzle Pieces in Red, Navy, Light Blue and Yellow. They are scattered all over the sock. This sock comes in Sizes Small and Medium in an Acrylic Blend.

Red Lion Sports Socks
Made in USA of Imported Yarns

Youth Sock Size 6-8.5
Fits Shoe Size 12-4
Ladies Shoe Size 4-5

Women's Sock Size 9-11
Fits Shoe Size 5-10 Ladies
Fits Shoe Size 4.5-8.5 Mens

77% Acrylic 
14% Nylon
06% Polyester
03% Spandex

Machine Wash
Inside Out
Cold Gentle Cycle No Bleach 
Tumble Dry Low Temp
$ 10.00

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