Red Lion Krazy Kat Compression Socks

Product Description
Red Lion Krazy Kat Compresson Socks are Compression Socks first then Novelty Socks for fun. The background on this sock is Bright Red Orange with Black Cat Stripes. Think of yourself as wearing Tiger Stripes for Health and Comfort. These come in Medium and Large Sizes. The swatch below is the Real Color of the Socks as they are now. 

Women's Sock Size 9-11
Fits Shoe Size 5-10 Ladies
Fits Shoe Size 4.5-8.5 Mens

Mens Sock Size 10-13
Fits Shoe Size 11-12 Ladies
Fits Shoe Size 9-12.5 Mens

Made in the USA
87% Nylon
13% Spandex 

Machine Wash
Inside Out
Cold Gentle Cycle No Bleach 
Tumble Dry Low Temp

$ 20.00