Pretty Polly Trends Floral Spot Ankle Highs

Product Description
Pink is a name of an Artist, Pink is the name of a song. Hot Pink on your Ankles, make your own music! Design your own Fashion with the help of Pretty Polly Trends Anklets.
Pretty Polly Floral Spot Ankle Highs are Nylon Socks made in Hot Pink fabric with Floral Design running through the weave. The Heel and Toes are Solid Hot Pink. The Cuff has a lace interface with the Sock. The Cuff is Solid Hot Pink with small scalloped edging.
Shoe Size
US        5.5 to 10.5
UK       3 to 8
EURO  35.5 to 43
48%  Nylon
40%  Polypropylene
12%  Elastane (excluding welt)
Made in England
Hand Wash
$ 7.50 $ 12.00

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