Pretty Polly Curves Floral Burnout Fashion Tights

Product Description

Pretty Polly Curves makes this Beautiful Floral Burnout Fashion Tights for Women with more. We as Women with Curves desire to have Gorgeous Fashion everything and Pretty Polly understands this. The Curves Collection is growing the only way to keep it that way is for us to buy them. I love this one and wear it myself. I love just showing that little bit of ankle through the Flower design.
Pretty Polly Curves Floral Burnout Fashion Tights starts with a Panty which is reinforced and has a back panel for both fit and comfort while wearing. The Toes are reinforced for greater durability. The Legs are 40 Denier Opaque with the Burnout at the Calf or your leg. The Floral Burnout Design looks like Pansies and Daisies along with leaves of the flowers.  
Made in the UK (except the waistband in Italy)
88% Nylon
12% Elastane
Hand Wash

Pretty Polly Curves Size Chart

$ 18.00 $ 25.00

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