Ozone Womens Papillon Collage Sock

Product Description

The word Papillon in French means Butterfly and is why the ears of the Papillon Dog give its name. Like the wings of a Butterfly. The word may come from Latin or I like the German idea that Witches turned to Butterflies stole milk and butter. They were called "boterschite" which is "butter shit"! They thought the leavings of a butterfly looked like butter. Since I am German I am sticking to this one! (Please remember:Crazy Sock Lady!)

Ozone Womens Papillon Collage Sock has beautiful Butterfly wings all over the Sock. The Heels and Toes are Violet. The background is Mauve. The wings are Violet, Purple with touches of Olive and Silver Lurex yarn to help show the Butterflies are on the wing in the sunshine.

This Sock is a Thin Style, Medium Size made with a Cozy Cotton Blend.

Made in France
73% Cotton
25% Polyamide
02% Elastane

Care Instructions Recommended
Gentle Cycle, Cold Water, No Bleach, Line Dry


$ 20.00

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