Ozone Womens Mosasaurus Sock

Product Description

Yes Mosasaurs are Prehistoric but The Mosasaurus is Not a Dinosaur! In real life the Mosasaurus was about 50 feet long. (Long enough to scare me but longer in movies) They were first found in 1764 in Holland by a quarry at the Meuse River. Long before that Native American drew pictures of them. These Reptiles have been found all over the world. They were carnivores and ate anything they could get. Some of these Mosasaurus did not grow into huge sizes, they varied from huge to even smaller than Alligators. They also did live birth in water.

Ozone designed the Prehistoric Mosasaurus Sock in Gorgeous Blues.The bottom Toe is Navy and supports a city of different prehistoric coral and bottom fish. The Mosasaurus is Green, Navy and Black with a Pink Mouth and White Teeth opening to make contact with today's catch!

This is a Medium Size Sock and a Thin Style.

Made in Columbia 

80% Cotton
19% Nylon
  1% Spandex

Care Instructions Recommended
Gentle Cycle, Cold Water, No Bleach, Line Dry


$ 13.00

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