Ozone Waxing and Waning Mens Dress Sock

Product Description
Gentlemen get a Friendly Priced Pair or Two of Dress Socks! 
2 Left In Charcoal
4 Left in Black

Two full moons overlapping showing each side of a waxing and waning moon. This Sock comes in two Background Colors, Black and Charcoal.
On a Black background shows the colors of Red, Lavender, Grey and Purple.  A Red moon like a lunar eclipse. 

On a Charcoal background shows the colors of Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, White and Grey.  Like a Blue Moon, a second chance of a full moon in the same month, maybe others will take a double take of you and say wow neat guy and neat socks.  Those of you who like dots will also like these socks.  Both Socks are Size Large for Men.

Made in Colombia
80% Cotton
19% Nylon
01% Spandex

$ 8.00 $ 18.00

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