Ozone Venus Fly Trap Knee High Sock

Product Description
A Lot of Stretch in this Sock fits my 2X calf! 
Come and get them! Welcome to the World of Bugs and Flowers on Sale! 3 left of this Knee High! 

Welcome to the world of the Venus Fly Trap.  A beautiful flowering plant in the wild or on your window sill now adds character to a Knee High Sock.  On a background of Gray and White are flowers beautiful in Bright Colored Yellows, Oranges and Pinks.  Different Bugs are tempting fate as they are drawn near   Most are ants, spiders and beetles and less likely flying insects.  So Why the Name?  I give that question to the Botanist.  However, I did find out that the latin name meant "mousetrap" Still Hummm!  Oh Right the sock?   The trap part of our sock is Purple, Blue and Fuchsia some appear open and some are closed!  Meat Group!
This sock comes in size Medium.  See our Size Chart for help.
Made in Columbia 
80% Cotton
19% Nylon
  1% Spandex

Care Instructions Recommended
Gentle Cycle, Cold Water, No Bleach, Line Dry
$ 10.00 $ 20.00

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