Ozone Horse Stripes Sock

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The Horse is the 7th Symbol in the Japanese Zodiac; the sign represents life, liveliness and openness. Their traits are cheerful, socialable and decisive. They are supposed to be versatile and should excel in many fields but they also get bored easily. When that happens they tend not to finish projects. They are supposed to be vain and big? Well, I guess you take the good with the bad in Zodiac signs! 

Ozone Horse Stripes Socks are both Thin Style and made with a Cozy Cotton Blend. They are Medium size; check out the Sock Size Chart if you need help. This Style comes in two colors. The tops of both Cuffs are a ruffle.

The Grey Background Ozone Horse Stripes Sock starts with the Cuff material about 3/8 down which leaves the top to ruffle. The Grey Background is also Burnout so you have a pattern that looks like a Picket Fence. The Heels and Toes are solid Grey. The Horses are Magenta with Purple Tails, Hooves and Manes. They are shown in a full Gallop. The next row is a row of Turquoise Rose with Purple and Cerulean Blue lines and Camel leaves. 

The Khaki Background Ozone Horse Stripes Sock also starts with the Cuff with a Top ruffle. It has the beautiful Burnout Picket Fence and the variegated Stripes of the Horse Galloping. The Horses are White with Tangelo Manes, Tails and Hooves.  The next Stripe is a row of Roses. The Roses are Magenta and Tangelo with Teal lines and Pistachio Green leaves.
Made in France
73% Cotton
25% Polyamide
02% Elastane

Care Instructions Recommended
Gentle Cycle, Cold Water, No Bleach, Line Dry
$ 8.00 $ 20.00

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