Ozone Four Elements Air Socks

Product Description
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Ozone has come up with a beautiful group of socks that not only make your feet and wardrobe pretty but helps keep our Earth pretty too. 
This sock starts with Dark Blue on the Cuff, Heel and Toe then expands the feel of Air all around us. Blue Sky Color and Bright White for cloud cover.  The Dark Blue of the night Sky and wisps of air like that of the Jet Stream comes to mind while looking at this sock. This sock is as Wild as our Earth and soft and Cozy to wear.
This is a Medium size sock please check our Size Chart if you need help.
Made in Columbia 
80% Cotton
19% Nylon
  1% Spandex

Care Instructions Recommended
Gentle Cycle, Cold Water, No Bleach, Line Dry
$ 8.00 $ 13.00

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