Ozone Feathers Fly Sock

Product Description
What's a dog to do? Left at home, no one to play with. Yes, the Doggie Door is open and he can go out and in but now he is bored. All these toys are old and smell bad but this pillow smells good and smells like my master and he is going to play with it! Which makes "Feathers Fly" This sock is a Cozy Cotton Blend and shows the Funky and Wild side of our companion the Dog.
The sock is on a background of Black with Blue and Black Feathers flying from the bottom on the Cuff to the Top of your Foot almost to the Toe. The pillow is Maroon with Bright Orange, Lime Green, Navy and White Flowers. Our Star is a Dog biting the pillow hear him growl and snarl as he twists and turns the pillow and having a lot of fun. The Dog has a White Face with Brown Ears and a Light Brown Patch over his left Eye. His Eyes and Nose are Black. The White runs down the rest of his body till his hindquarters which are Brown and Black on the Right Leg and Tail. His Left Leg and Front Paws are Black and Gray.
Made in Columbia 

77% Cotton
22% Nylon
  1% Spandex

Care Instructions Recommended
Gentle Cycle, Cold Water, No Bleach, Line Dry
$ 8.00 $ 13.00

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