MHS K Bell Playful Pups Socks

Product Description
Playful Pups is a Cozy Thin Style sock made with a Cotton Blend. This sock has a bunch of Wild Pups playing all over it.  The background colors this sock comes in are Lime Green and White. On either sock the Pups wrap around in animated play.  The print then repeats from the Cuff down to the Toe.  One Chocolate Brown Pup is playing in a Puddle of cool Light Blue Water. Water drops are being splashed out around him most likely from the Pup shaking it off.  Another Pup is Light Gray and has one ear over his eye, makes him look like a pirate. He is outlined in Black and has a Black eye and nose. He has one Bright Yellow Bone in his mouth.  The next Pup is Light Brown also has a Brown Patch on his eye and looks to be laying down with his tail a wagging waiting for someone to play.
Made in Korea 
51% Cotton
47% Nylon
  2% Spandex
 Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle
Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed 
Tumble Dry Low
Lime Green
$ 8.00

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