Mairs Hair Ties Hair Bling and Bracelets

Product Description
These Mair's Hair Tie can hold a thick or thin pony tail with ease. It also does not grab hair out like many hairbands and rubber bands do.  The colors seem to dance on the fabric with any of the colors of the fabric, sometimes they look darker and sometimes lighter. The crystal beads shine like bright white diamonds or sapphires, emeralds and onyx  These items are not quite one of a kind but I would say it might take a long time to find one exactly the same.

I have thin hair so I can twist Mairs Hair Ties 3 times around for it to stay in my hair all day and it still feels good by the end of my day.

You can also use Mair's Hair Ties as a comfortable bracelet if you wish to use it that way and match your clothes with color.
Candy Cane Stripe
Bright Maroon w/Black Bead
Rosewood w/Gold/White Bead
Bright Pink w/See through Bead
Quartz w/Gold & White Bead
Coquelcot Orange w/Black Bead
$ 6.00 $ 7.50

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