Laurel Burch Moroccan Horses Socks

Product Description
The Moroccan Barb Horse is a very old breed and is a desert Horse. Used in Calvary for its stamina. Mixing of the Barb Horse and Arabian in the 8th Century along with European Horses made this horse a top ticket for royalty. Henry VIII of England in an effort to make the best War Horse purchased Barb Horses and also made a breeding program for War Horses. This kept the best Horses in England and not to be sold to the enemy.  It also helped to make the modern day Thoroughbred. The Horses like many things were sold off during Cromwell's Interlude.

Laurel Burch Moroccan Horses Socks start with a Black background with Burnt Orange Circles from the Heel to Toe also at the Cuff. Below the Cuff are the Three Moroccan Horses. Surrounded by Burnt Orange is a Black and Dark Grey Striped Horse with a Burnt Orange Eye. The Middle Horse is Cinnabar with Burnt Orange Chocolate and Black Chevrons and Black outlines the Mane and Eyes. Next is the White Horse Grey Face with White Dots and Grey Spots on Neck with Burnt Orange Star, Eyes. Black Lines for Mane.

Made In Taiwan
56% Nylon
41% Cotton
03% Spandex
Machine Wash Cold,  With Like Colors, Gentle Cycle
Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed 
Tumble Dry Low
$ 9.50

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