Kurb Mens Octopi Crew Sock

Product Description

The Giant Pacific Octopus is a marvelous creature. It is the smartest Invertebrate that we know. It can learn by watching other Octopus doing things like opening cans. They have also been seen using tools. They can fit through items as small as a quarter.They have no bones to worry about. They can change their color and the feel of their skin to hide from predators. They also will use dye to camouflage their escape. They eat clams, lobster and fish and will sometimes eat sharks and birds. They live about 5 years. Once they have reproduced the female stays with the eggs to protect them. She and the male die from basic starvation.

Kurb Mens Octopi Crew Sock is Blue in background. In a lighter Blue is the silhouette of Octopi all over. Then in Navy is the Silhouette of the Octopi all over. Over the top is the truer colors of the Octopi in Reddish Brown to Coral Pink, The arms are 8 in all and are designed crawling all over the sock. At the Cuff are two Octopi. This Sock comes in a Large Size. With full cushioned foot and arch support.

Mens Shoe Size 6-12

Sock Size 10-13

Made in China


98% Polyester

02% Spandex


Machine Wash Cold,  With Like Colors,

Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed

Tumble Dry Low

$ 13.00

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