K Bell Womens American Made American Flag Boot Sock

Product Description

What could say American more than a Country Western Style Boot with an American Flag Sock sticking out of it? I for one could remark that this idea has been well thought out. So were the Cowboy Boots themselves. The Cowboys needed a different boot than those during the Civil War. They needed a stronger leather and longer leg to protect them against trees and shrubs, barbed wire, snakes and other man made or natural dangers. They needed a more pointed Toe to get in and out of the stirrup faster. and a heel needed to be underslung that would keep his foot from slipping through the stirrup altogether. That heel would also help the cowboy to do other work in the field. The cobbler would make a boot for each individual. Soon machines came into being help make boots with pre ordered sizes. Later came the want for a more fashionable boot with colored stitching with inlays and overlays. Hollywood Cowboys would want different styles as well. Changes to boots now come in need of style and of use.

K Bell Womens American Made American Flag Boot Sock starts with a French Roast background. The Boot is Detailed with a Cream White Stitching of a Western Cowboy Boot. Next as if sticking out of the boot is the American Flag some bars in Red and White and on the Row of Blue are White Five pointed Stars. This is a Medium Size and Thin Style Sock. The Heel and Toes of this Sock are Cushioned for Comfort.

Womens Sock Size

Shoe Size 4-10

US:  9-11

EUR:  36-40

Made in USA

85% Cotton

10% Nylon

03% Spandex

02% Rubber

Machine Wash Cold,  With Like Colors, Gentle Cycle

Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed

Tumble Dry Low

$ 13.00

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