K Bell Wide Mouth Frog Sock

Product Description
Frogs are found all over the world except Antarctica, however they are mostly populated in warmer climates. Frogs are Amphibians which in Greek means, "both lives".  This is because they are Tadpoles in water and then grow to be Frogs. Frogs are carnivores and eat things like earthworms, spiders and minnows. 
K Bell Wide Mouth Frog Sock is a funky and wild way to look as though a Green Frog has taken a bite out of you! The Mouth has a role to it like a lip and is a Medium Green. The Top of the Frog is Lime Green and sports an Eye outlined in Medium Green with White and Black. There are some Medium Green Spots on the Frogs back. The Lime Green Frog's Legs are along the sides of the Frog and are in the Lime colored side belly. The Lime Belly of the Frog is actually the top of your foot. This Sock is a Size Medium.

Made in China
Women's Shoe Size 4-10
Women's Sock Size 9-11

72% Cotton
25% Polyester
03% Spandex

Machine Wash Cold,  With Like Colors, Gentle Cycle
Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed 
Tumble Dry Low
$ 8.50 $ 10.00

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