K Bell Texting Girl Sock

Product Description
What do girls and cellphones have in common? Texting! Yes, Texting is Trending. It is most likely the quickest way to say "hi" to anyone in the world today. I am a Texting Girl! Well, okay I'm not a Girl anymore. Yes I am, age has nothing to do with it folks.  I am a Girl! and I text! So There. However, I do use English more so then Acronyms!
Melissa Gitelman's Texting Girl starts with a Grey background. The Heels and Toes are Pink. About an inch below the Cuff starts our Texting Girl. She has Light Brown Hair, Black Eyes and Red Lips. She is wearing a Long Sleeve White Top and Blue Jeans and Black Shoes. In between her hands is a Pink Phone and she is Texting to her hearts content. This is a Cozy Cotton Blend Sock that is fun to wear.
Under her in Bold Black Letters reads "Texting Girl".  
Womens Sock Size 
Shoe Size 4-10
US:  9-11
EUR:  36-40
Made in Korea
60% Cotton
38% Polyester 
2% Spandex
$ 8.50

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