K Bell Mens American Made Bowling Sock

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Bowling has a history as far back as Egypt to 3200 BC. In Germany historian William Pehle found in his country that bowling was played in 300 AD. In England, 1366 King Edward III was said to outlaw bowling so that the army would go back to archery practice. In the reign of King Henry VIII bowling had become a great pastime. The use of Pins developed more slowly and other things were used besides Pins. Some bowling games were more like Bocce or Lawn Bowling. As people came to America they brought their games over too. "Crashing NinePins" woke up Rip Van Winkle in Washington Irving's story. Ninepins were many times outlawed in the United States because gambling was related to it. On September 9, 1895 the American Bowling Congress was born for men. Women's International Bowling Congress was born in 1917. From 1895 through the present Bowling became standardized and balls and pins began to change through technology. By 1952 AMF had made a machine to collect and set the pins. There was no longer a need for "Pin Boys". The 1950's picked up Bowling for Television and in 1961 ABC started to show the Pro Bowlers Tour (on weekends after my cartoon shows and American Bandstand) .There are 95 million people that bowl in 90 countries around the world.

K Bell Mens American Made Bowling Sock starts out with a Charcoal Heather background. It has White Pins all over the Sock falling every which way. They are outlined in Black with Black markings over them. Around the Neck of the Pin are two Red Lines. The Pins are scattered by a Bowling Ball that has collided into them. The Bowling Ball is Charcoal Heather with Black Outlines and markings with 3 finger holes in Black showing. This is a Large Sized and Thin Style Sock.

K  Bell for Men

Shoe Size 6.5 - 12

US Sock Size 10-13

EUR Sock Size 44-48

This Sock is made with Arch Support for a Supportive Fit, This Sock also has a Cushioned Heel and Toe for comfort.

Made in USA

85% Cotton

10% Nylon

03% Spandex

02% Rubber

Machine Wash Cold,  With Like Colors, Gentle Cycle

Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed

Tumble Dry Low


$ 13.00

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