K Bell Kids Wide Mouth Shark Sock

Product Description

Kids get a Wide Mouth Shark Sock from K Bell. Now you can have a whole family of Wide Mouth Sharks in your household! Sharks are being studied more and seems that they are more social than science first suggested. During a kill some Sharks are allowed to take part in the feast. The female White Shark carries the eggs in a brood chamber where the eggs live off the yolk sac.Then the pups are delivered outside and stay with the mother until they are more mature. The mother takes a year off from being pregnant again.

K Bell Kids Wide Mouth Shark Sock starts with the Cuff which is White Yarn that looks like teeth. Then the Black Eye with a White Circle around it. The top of the Shark is Grey with a little 3D feature the looks like a Fin. Then there are 3 Black Gills. The Underbelly is White. 

Shoe Size 7.5-13
Sock Size 6-8.5

K. Bell Kids
Made in China
72% Acrylic
25% Polyester
03% Spandex

Machine Wash Cold with like Colors
Only Non-Chlorine Bleach when needed

$ 8.50

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