K Bell Kids Wide Mouth Piranha Socks

Product Description

Does anyone here remember the Television Series Tarzan? Where somehow he finds himself dealing with Piranha? Does anyone remember him taking an airplane flight to South America? Oh well, maybe it was Hollywood and I missed an episode! These Fish are native to the Amazon Basin, they are fresh water fish, many of the things we see on TV and Movies about these fish are exaggerated but I still would not want to meet one.

Kids Wide Mouth Piranha are a very Wild and Unique Sock. Kids think Piranha are cool. Just like Sharks, Zombies and Dragons are Cool.  This Sock fits Boys and Girls and kind of goes with the Adult Wide Mouth Goldfish in Color.  Not an exact match but they make an interesting pair.
This Sock starts with the Cuff as the Wide Mouth. It is a Bright Yellow with White for its Teeth! The Eye is Orange, Black and White. The rest of the Piranha's body is Bright Orange and Burnt Orange is for the Fish Scales. A 3D Pop-up effect makes the Fin and it is also Burnt Orange. Size Chart for Children Socks

Shoe Size 7.5-13
Sock Size 6-8.5

K. Bell Kids 
Made in China
72% Cotton
25% Polyester
03% Spandex

Machine Wash Cold with like colors
Only non-chlorine bleach when needed
Tumble dry low

$ 8.50

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