K Bell Kids Wide Mouth Lobster Sock

Product Description
Lobsters were not always thought as good eating and for a while they were banned from feeding servants in America more than twice a week. They have 10 legs and on 6 of them have claws. Their eyesight is bad but they have a great sense of taste and smell. They live in all the oceans around the world and in some freshwater areas as well. One of the biggest Lobsters was found off Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1977. One was lately posted all over Facebook from Maine, 2015.

K Bell Kids Wide Mouth Lobster Sock celebrates our love of Sealife. The socks background color is Grey Heather. The Maroon Tail starts above the Toes. It works its way up past the Heels and becomes the body. Then the Eye appears a Black Circle enclosed in White. The Open Wide Mouth is the Large Front Claws. Watch out they might nip a bit! This Sock has a matching K Bell Womens Wide Mouth Lobster Sock.

Made in China 
72% Cotton
25% Nylon 
03% Spandex

Shoe Size 7.5-13
Sock Size 6-8.5

Machine Wash Cold with like Colors
Only Non-Chlorine Bleach when needed
Tumble Dry Low
$ 9.50

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