K Bell Girls Colorful Owls Sock

Product Description

If I was to venture into what kind of Owl these Cute Graphics are I would look to the Great Horned Owl for reference. As I read to find out about Owls I find the Horns are just tuffs of feathers. There are no bones or ears there. Who Who Knew? This Owl is found in North, Central and South America. This Owl begins nesting in January and February and will take over Hawk and Crows nests and sometimes a hallow tree. The female incubates 2-4 eggs. She will protect her young very aggressively and will attack! (good mom!)

K Bell Girls Colorful Owls Socks starts on a Bright White background with Pink Heels and Toes with Some Pink and Raspberry Owls with Orange Beak and Feet. Another set of Owls are Coquelicot with Burgundy and Orange for the Beak and Feet. Another Row are Lime Green and Teal with Orange Beak and Feet. All the Owls' Eyes are Black and White. This is a Thin Style Sock.

K Bell Colorful Owls Sock size Medium. Not the same color but a close match.  An Idea!

Shoe Size 7.5-13
Sock Size 6-8.5

K. Bell Kids 
Made in Korea 
60% Cotton
37% Nylon
03% Spandex

Machine Wash Cold with like colors
Only non-chlorine bleach when needed
Tumble dry low



$ 7.00

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