Hot Sox Womens Cupcake Socks

Product Description

Cupcake: A Cupcake is a small Cake designed to serve one person which may be baked in a small thin paper or aluminum cup. As with Larger Cakes it is covered in Icing and maybe other confections like Candy. This is just the definition of a Cupcake, just Google your area and find Cupcake places literally Popping Up all around. Not just a regular Bakery one that just does Cupcakes. I remember seeing something about a Cupcake Truck on Good Morning America going around New York City and people wanting one with their coffee. When we have a Birthday party now we buy Cupcakes put together. One looked like a Thanksgiving Turkey!

Hot Sox Womens Cupcake Socks start on a Black background. The cups are Pink, Blue, Light Yellow and Red. The Cupcakes are hidden underneath Icing, so I will pretend they are Chocolate and Vanilla Flavors. (You can pretend your own favorite!) The Icings are Pink, White, and Chocolate. Some have sprinkles and some have layers but they all have Cherries on Top!

This is a Thin Style and Medium Size Sock.

Sock Size 9 - 11   Fits Shoe Size 4 - 10.5

Made in Korea

48% Cotton, 28% Nylon, 22% Polyester, 02% Spandex, Exclusive of Elastic

Machine Wash Cold, Do Not Use Bleach, Tumble Dry, Low


$ 6.00

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