Hot Sox Womens Birth of Venus Sock

Product Description

The Birth of Venus is by Sandro Botticelli and was painted in the Renaissance era of the 1480's in Florence. Lorenzo the Great brought many men together to discuss and translate the Greek and Roman myths which led to the paintings of this era. Birth of Venus was one of the first to be painted on canvas. Botticelli used Tempera and Egg Wash. It was recently cleaned of Varnish which really brighten up the painting. Nudes were uncommon so this painting was groundbreaking.

Hot Sox Womens Birth of Venus Sock only shows the portion of where Venus is rising from the water to see the whole panting of the Birth of Venus and more information on it click here. The Top color is Marine Blue, Sea Green is next and Prussian Blue at the Foot. Venus and the Shell are Vanilla and Ecru, her hair is Brown. Black is used as an Outliner. The Flowers are White Roses with Green Stems. 

This is a Thin Style, Medium Size Sock


$ 8.00

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