Hot Sox Norman Rockwell Little Spooners Socks

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Norman Rockwell did his first illustrations for a book. Then he went on to work with Boy's Life and Boy Scouts of America. When he moved to New York with his family he shared a studio with cartoonist Clyde Forsythe who worked for the Saturday Evening Post. With Forsythe's help he submitted his first cover portrait for Mother's Day Off, 1916. It was on the cover May 20 1916. It also had another name, "Boy with a Baby Carriage". Norman Rockwell's Little Spooners has several different titles. Norman Rockwell named it, "Boy and Girl Gazing at the Moon"..Then there are "Sunset", "Puppy Love" and "First Love"

Hot Sox Norman Rockwell Little Spooners Socks starts with a Sky Blue background. Below the Cuff Normal Rockwell's painting begins with an Orange Moon or Sun depending on which name you like better! The Boy and Girl both have Brown Hair He is wearing a Blue Shirt and Olive Overalls. She is wearing a Blue Shirt with a Navy Blue Jumper. They are Spooning together side by side. She is nessling in and he has his arm around her. She holds a sprig of Daisies. The Dog, a Spaniel of some sort or mixed breed is waiting patiently for some action. A toss of a ball? What you do not see on the sock is the made up fishing pole which may have been used before getting to the made up bench for spooning or the boy was going night fishing but decided to stay instead.


These socks are Thin Style and made cozy with a soft cotton blend. They come in Medium and Large Sizes.


$ 8.00

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